My Weaknesses For The Annual Performance Of My Individual Speech Essay examples

My Weaknesses For The Annual Performance Of My Individual Speech Essay examples

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I was pleased with the overall performance of my individual speech. Obviously, there are going to be some things that you dislike and some things that you like in every speech that you deliver. I had several goals going into this speech, and although I did not accomplish them all, I accomplished some of the goals that I did not think I would be able to. Within this essay, I will be explaining three of my strengths as well as three of my weaknesses that I observed while delivering my speech. I will then further explain how I plan to even further my strengths, and how I plan to work on my weaknesses for the upcoming group presentation. I will start off by describing some of my public speaking strengths that I noticed.
To my surprise, one of my biggest strengths was making eye contact instead of reading off of the slides. In previous experiences, I have had a tendency to read straight from slides instead of speaking to the audience. I can accredit this to the time I put into preparing for the speech, allowing me to feel more comfortable when delivering it. Another strength of mine that I observed when watching the video of my speech was relating the topic back to my personal life. I have always felt that if a speaker can relate to the topic in which they are discussing, they can be a more credible source of information. By relating the topic of college athletes being paid back to my personal experience I believe that I portrayed myself as a credible source to the audience. A third strength regarding my speech was arguably the biggest one of all; speaking with a clear, understandable voice. What I believe to be the biggest detriment to any public speaker is speaking in a tone of voice that is not understandable. I will now further e...

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...s, let alone a full room of people. I plan on whispering the filler words to myself instead of saying them out loud. This way, the filler words will not be distracting to the audience, but it will still fill the pauses in my head that are almost impossible to get rid of when delivering a public speech.
Overall, my individual speech went a lot better than I had expected it to. Although there were very many noticeable weaknesses, there is a lot of things to build off of as well. I plan on my group presentation to be improved when compared to the individual speech. In recap, within this essay I explained the 3 biggest strengths and weaknesses of mine when it comes to public speaking. I also discussed how I plan to build upon the success of my individual speech and also how I plan on working to better myself in some of the weaker aspects of my public speaking as well.

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