My Way To Becoming An Mba

My Way To Becoming An Mba

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My way to becoming an MBA

Motivation Statement

The world is changing from day to day. In order to cope with this constant change, every single person needs to be flexible, open minded and innovative in every matter.
I am currently working for Archer Daniels Midland, one of the leaders on the market of agricultural products. ADM has its offices in nearly every country of the world, giving jobs to people of more than a hundred different nationalities. Therefore, it was imperative to ensure a high level of flexibility at my current position, being ready to relocate and start up a new life, in a new surrounding, with new tasks, with new colleagues.
In the past I worked on many personal projects from different areas including: online social networking (, B2B Directories ( and even fashion (
The unique MBA online course offered by the University is the only MBA program worldwide, which can move together with me whenever it would become necessary to dislocate in order to grow within ADM or any other globally orientated enterprise. The online course makes group projects and interactions possible, which pushes networking and social interactions among the "future masters" to an entirely new level.
I believe that the time has come to go further than salesmanship at the oil crushing plant in Mainz, Germany. I believe that I am ready for more strategic, global and political tasks.
I am sure that the MBA online course of the University of Phoenix will give me the foundation, to make “the change” happen.

My MBA - furthering and changing my career

The Jungian 16-Type Self-Assessment ranked me into the ENTP category, as being innovative, individualistic, versatile, and entrepreneurial, with a possible career as politician, strategic planner, literary agent, publicist, entrepreneur, investment broker, computer analyst, or advertising executive.
I see a big connection of this categorization of my personality to my personal future career goal of occupying an executive position in a globally set-up enterprise. Therefore, I am pursuing an MBA in order to build a solid foundation of theory where “a lot of practical success could be built on.” A master’s degree in Business Administration ranks the holder directly into the top category of management and brings many opportunities and advantages unseen before.

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With an MBA, I’m hoping to get access to managerial positions within global organizations, escaping the trading-only environment, where I am “stuck” in now.

MBA - To get an advantage at the start

The United Network of Help with Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs (U.N.H. M.B.A.) presented the following advantage of MBA for improving career prospects:
“An MBA degree provides you with innumerable career opportunities in various fields. It is especially beneficial to get jobs in high level positions such as managerial and executive level jobs. Whether you are looking to further your career in your existing job or are looking to change your job and start your career afresh, an MBA degree can be very valuable in either scenario.
With an MBA degree under their belt, employees have a whole new world opened up to them and are elevated to managerial positions on the strength of the additional abilities and knowledge gained through the MBA program.”

MBA salary

Many careers have a direct connection between educational achievement and salary. When it comes to a Business Administration degree, the impact of earning a master's can be exponential.
According to the Salary Survey Report for Degree: Master of Business Administration, conducted by, “Master of Business Administration salaries range from $10,000 to $20,000 higher than salaries for those with a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration degree.”
With such salary differences between the MBA and the previous educational level, it is quite evident why that many students decide in favor of the MBA program, despite the time and financial investment, connected to obtaining the MBA.

MBA Reputation is discussing the reputation of an MBA degree as follows:
“The MBA is widely noted as one of the best graduate degrees you can get. According to one source, employers see the qualification, allied to relevant experience and proven organizational achievements, as indicating flexibility, the ability to welcome change, creativity, self-motivation, personal effectiveness, and a range of other qualities needed in fluid organizational environments.”
The MBA Degree, indeed, has its weight and reputation. In combination to a respected institution, an MBA represents a valuable argument during job interviews.

Solid foundations

Thomas Fuller once said, "Zeal without knowledge is fire without light."
With an MBA, I will receive a “box of tools” in order to be able to cope with the volatile task of the modern manager. This theoretical knowledge is imperative in order to be able to manage a global player successfully.

Networking opportunities

Networking is of high importance in life and could also help developing the career. The United Network of Help with Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs published the following argument about MBA networking:
“The alliances that you form with your classmates and the network that you create is deemed as one of the most important and valuable things that an MBA program can give you. MBA graduates have often felt that the associations formed during the MBA course are resources that are invaluable and can be drawn upon for years after the MBA degree has been achieved.”
Indeed, fellow students could develop to business leaders of tomorrow. By supporting and backing the network, an MBA alumnus is reserving valuable contacts with possible business leaders of tomorrow.


My decision to pursue an MBA is based on a single idea, the drive to continuous learning. The variety of advantages, which come together with the MBA program of the University of Phoenix and the desire to push my career forward were the main locomotives to the start of my MBA.
After completion of the MBA program at the University on Phoenix, I will definitely consider further education in the area of Business Administration in order to further broaden my horizon as a DBA. But for now, the MBA will help me escape the trading environment at ADM and to access a broader range of respected positions of management within ADM or any other organization. Consequently, I will be nearing my goal in climbing the career ladder to the very top. The prerequisites are given, as clearly shown by the Jungian 16-Type personality analysis.


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