My Voyage to the United States Essay

My Voyage to the United States Essay

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We are born alone in this world. It is the surrounding that taught us about relationships, religions, castes, cultures and other things in life. But the fact is, we have to die one day. No one will die with us. When a child takes birth in this beautiful world, it is dependent of its mother and father for everything. When it grows up slowly, it needs the guidance of both mother and father and other members in the family. In other words, people are dependent of their parents and people in the surroundings until they face something in life that has to be done by no one else but by themselves. As for me, I needed my parents to make every single decision of my life. But now, at the age of nineteen, I travelled halfway through the world to the United States by myself for my higher education, better future and have a chance to become self-dependent. As I was all by myself in my trip, the procedures while travelling in an airplane all of which were once done by my parents for me had to be done by me alone. At first, I was so afraid that I was about to cry, but I had a strong feeling in my mind that I had to reach my destination anyhow. So I gathered all my courage and started my journey to the United States.
As the saying goes that the United States of America is a land full of opportunities and we as human beings are always on the lookout for good opportunities, so do I. It is true that once you study abroad your outlook and perspective towards life changes completely. Being away from the comfort of your home teaches you to be strong and independent. Higher education gives me a chance to gain knowledge and skills that can be used for rest of my life, and setting up my career and also gives me the job I desire. Initially, my parents had ...

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...e in the technologies of my hometown and my university has helped me a lot to do things faster. The technologies used in the educational sector of the United States are far better than any other nations. Every class has a projector; the labs are very well-equipped which provides the students practical knowledge about the course they are studying. Therefore, to keep pace with the fast moving world with modern technologies, I need to think fast and do things faster.
After the competition of my school, my plan is to go back to my home country as a worthy candidate for leading a reputed business organization. The multinational companies, banks, organizations and business enterprises always give priority to overseas and globally recognized certificates. The degree I get after I graduate will help me set my professional life as a chief in any types of business sectors.

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