Essay on My Visual Auditory Kinesthetic ( Vak )

Essay on My Visual Auditory Kinesthetic ( Vak )

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Reflecting Back
Lakiisha N. Bulerin
Post University
Reflecting Back
My Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) learning style is visual learning. My multiple intelligences are, self, nature and language. The strengths of being a visual learner are, learning by seeing and being able to remember information in diverse environments. The disadvantage of being a visual learner is that it 's hard to retain information when there is nothing visible available. (Smith & Demand Media, n.d.) The strengths of multiple intelligences such as self, nature, and language are, being able to connect with myself, taking inspiration from nature, and the ability to use language to express myself. The weaknesses of having multiple intelligences are, having a hard time connecting to others, feeling trapped indoors, and not being good with numbers. My internal motivators are, to push myself mentally, having better self-discipline and having more focus and less stress in my life. My external motivators are, getting good grades, becoming a published author, and providing a better life for my family. My short-term goal is to finish my novel by November 30, 2014. My long-term goal is to keep a 4.0 GPA until I graduate with my bachelor 's degree.
My intrinsic and extrinsic motivators are influenced by my learning styles by my leaning styles and motivators going hand in hand. For example, my primary learning style is visual. This means that I am learning by seeing. My intrinsic motivator of having better self-discipline is directly linked to this because, I am constantly learning from the things that I see around me. Therefore, if I am not being focused or disciplined, and I am watching too much television instead of studying, I am not absorbing the kind of learnin...

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...I am a visual learner, and my multiple intelligences are, self, nature, and language. My intrinsic motivators are challenging myself mentally. My extrinsic motivators are getting good grades and a published novel. These motivators influence my learning style, as my learning style influences my motivators. Luckily for me, they go hand in hand. My interest and strengths are very connected and on the same page. The SMART short-term and long-term goals that I set for myself in this course are achievable by using all my strengths in learning to help me reach my goals. I will have persistence and keep pushing myself. I will use being a visual learner to its full advantage and study and learn in ways that provokes this part of my mind. In conclusion, I will reach my SMART goals, by pulling all of my learning resources and using them in the way that best motivates me.

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