My Visit At My Grandmother Of 75, Mary Patricia Guler Essay examples

My Visit At My Grandmother Of 75, Mary Patricia Guler Essay examples

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My visit was to my grandmother of 75, Mary Patricia Guler. Mary has 4 children, she and her husband raised them together. Mrs. Guler graduated from high school and was involved in church, and still attends church. She has spent most of her time with family and friends. Mary has visited many places outside the country. She has been to Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and now is visiting Italy. Mary has more time to visit places, and she spends time with her family and friends. Since she is retired, she loves to travel. Now, she is a widow and has a family member that lives with her.
Her perception of her own health is that she believes she is very healthy. In the past 5 years, she has had a gall bladder surgery, appendectomy, lesion on her kidney, and 2 back surgeries. In her family 's past history there 's been findings of Thyroid Problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Mary is in great condition, she 's doing everything like normal. Mary is only on medication for high cholesterol, which is Pravastatin, and Lisinopril for high blood pressure. She wears glasses but, has no other impairments. She states she gets a total of 8 hours of sleep per night, on average.
Her perception on her nutrition is that she eats very healthy. On a normal day she eats 3 meals and a snack after lunch and dinner. I asked her if she knew how to balance a diet. She knew how and explained it very well. Mary has great ability and mobility to go to the store and buy food. She drives herself. She is a great cook and baker. She has a good appetite. Mary has all her senses, she can taste, and smell the food. During this visit, I had her tell me what she ate in the past 24 hours. For breakfast she had 1 wheat toast, with natural peanut but...

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... She told me about when she got married about her high school days and what it was like. Nowadays there are things different, like there is technology; phones, computers, GPS and other devices that we use now. My grandma likes her computer and likes to be able to Skype and Facetime some of our family that don 't live around here, she likes to stay in touch with them and also like a very popular site “FACEBOOK.” She is up to date on some of our cool interactions of the internet. Mostly I’d like to say is she is a wonderful lady and brings joy to everyone, I’m thankful to say she the best grandma that is till alive. Looking at my grandma and looking at elderly in the nursing home, there is very many different things between the 2. Those people have assistance but it 's also neat to look at the end lof like while our century of kids are beginning and starting our life.

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