My Vision For Americ The United States Civil War Essay

My Vision For Americ The United States Civil War Essay

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My Vision for America
People have different visions for this country, but my vision for America is equality. I believe that a person should not have to fear their life when going to the store or walking down the street because of their appearance, religion, sexual orientation, or social standing. Thousands of people have died fighting for equality, but it is still a problem today. It does not matter the color of skin or the gender, a person should be treated as an equal, but that isn’t always the case. My vision for America is for everyone to be treated as an equal.
Several documents have been established to keep all citizens equal. Documents such as the Constitution and the Emancipation Proclamation have stated that all people are created equal. There have been riots and wars because people wanted everyone to be equal. In fact, the United States Civil War was caused due to inequality and slavery of black men and women. During this time the country was divided by beliefs and the people in this country fought for what they thought was right. Now we know that slavery was wrong, and it is sad that we had to fight for freedom. Most of the wars that we have fought are due to equality issues. Take for example World War II. That did not happen on American soil, but we sent men and women from this country to fight for the right cause. Hitler was killing Jews and other people because he believed they were inferior and sent thousands to death camps. Hitler also invaded other countries due to his longing for an Aryan race in the world. Wars have been fought in many countries due to there being inequality, and even though those wars does not happen in our country, our men and women die fighting for the freedom of others. Millions of men, wom...

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...s of any group of people. I believe everyone should be held accountable for their actions, no matter who they are; if you break the law you should be held accountable accordingly. There should not be any favors provided; equal consequences for all.
Throughout time, people have been discriminated against for many different reasons such as color, religion, beliefs, or sexual orientation. This country has improved, but it is still not at its best. My dream for this country is for everyone to be treated as an equal, and no one should be discriminated against. My dream is for everyone to have the same rights as the next person no matter who they are. My dream is equal rights across the board. I believe that everyone should have the same liberties, but also be held equally responsible for their actions. I have a dream, and hopefully one day this dream will become reality.

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