My Virtual Life Child Development Essay

My Virtual Life Child Development Essay

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This paper will discuss My Virtual Life child development. I will go into detail how the theoretical framework and parental decision making I used with my child from birth to 18 years of age influenced my decision making and my virtual child’s life. I will discuss how I feel the theories I used and the decisions made had an impact on why my child is in the position he is, at 18-years of age.
To begin with, of the four Baumrind’s parenting styles, authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and disengaged, I chose authoritative. Authoritative parenting has a high level of demandingness while at the same time exerts the same amount of responsiveness leading to a child who is independent, creative, well-balanced, and leads a relatively social lifestyle. I feel that laying down rules and expectations for a child gives them the guidance they need at a young age or they will be left to guide themselves blindly leading to irresponsibility, impulsiveness, and a tendency to engage in substance use. Equally important is a parent needs to warm, attentive, and not only say they love their children but express through actions and understanding as well (Arnett, 2016).
When Joshua was approximately 8 months old I began to leave him at occasional babysitter. He would cry as I left and for a short while after, but upon my return he would greet me at the door with excitement. This is an example of Bowlby’s secure attachment. In Bowlby’s theory with the Strange Situation a child would show a secure attachment to the parent by crying when the parent left the room then crawling to her to feel safe once again. I wanted Joshua to be comfortable in new situations, yet at the same time I wanted him to begin to trust that I would return. According to Bowlb...

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... would be the amount of worth and credence he puts into his academic success, which could subsequently help with a scholarship for his education. And finally, his chronosystem was affected during his teenage years when his dad lost his job. As a family we were forced to cut back on spending which is the only way Joshua was affected. If Joshua had been 40 years old and lost his job, the stress to him would have been unsurmountable compared to his dad losing his job when he was just 16-years old. Historically, if women were never allowed to have the job opportunities as they do today our family would have been a one income family, substantially reducing our ability have Joshua in extra-curricular activities like baseball and the music he loves so much. Without these outlets Joshua may not have succeeded academically nor would he have had access to outside resources.

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