Essay on My Views On Time Management

Essay on My Views On Time Management

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When first joining this class I was not expecting much. If I am being completely honest, I was not extremely found of English classes due to how they are usually run in high school. At my high school we only had the school textbooks for reading, with all the classic stories that you usually forget about by the end of the year. I was not too excited to have another year of reading the same types of books. In addition, my views on writing is quite the opposite. I have always loved writing papers for school and hoped to continue that love through this semester. However, I tried not to let my preconceived ideas of an English class taint my experience during the course of this semester. I set various personal goals that I could remind myself to strive for through the semester. These goals helped push me to learn three very important concepts through this course, these being; time management, the important structures and developments of writing a paper, and the analyzation of the audience you write for.
Time management is important throughout anyone’s life and especially in this course. I have always been an efficient person that stays organized, but coming to Anoka Ramsey during my high school years I knew I was going to be challenged. Specifically, scheduling an English class with essays, quizzes, and assignments throughout the semester. Finding time to balance all of the assignments on top of other classes course work I found it to be challenging, but it pushed me to stay organized and prioritize. For example, when deciding either to go out with my friends or knowing I had a large essay waiting for me to start I found it always best to finish the homework instead of rushing to turn it in knowing it was not my best work. Furthermore...

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...across when the way it is presented is targeted for the audience and better understanding of the topic or issue. Overall, analyzing your audience improves your writing or conversation.
Over the course of this semester there were many likes and dislikes. For instance, the readings for this course. I found the book Blues Visions to be extremely interesting and thought provoking. In addition, I found our workshop days to be very helpful. Specifically, hearing others opinions about the topic and basic writing of the essay vastly improved all my writings. Furthermore, I hoped to gain more knowledge and understanding of the basics of writing. For example, learning more about grammar and writing style would have benefited me more and wish I had learned more about it. In summation, over the semester there were many valuable concepts learned and I enjoyed taking this class.

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