Essay about My Views on the 'No Late Work Accepted' Policy

Essay about My Views on the 'No Late Work Accepted' Policy

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My Views on the “No Late Work Accepted” Policy
According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, the term “late” is defined as after the expected, arranged or usual time. Late work denotes the task presented after the expected deadline. The “no late work accepted” policy is a sanction imposed as a deterrent to late submission of assignments. Most organizations work on schedules and timetables. The strict adherences to such schedules make the difference between success and failure for such organizations. Therefore, most of these organizations have enforced the no late work accepted policy in an effort to enhance their efficiency. While the policy is well-meant, the question of to what extent it should be enforced arises.
Importance of this Policy
To begin with, organizations and mostly schools require coordination between the different institutions existing in them. This coordination is based on time-frames within which certain objectives must be attained. It is imperative that a system of control of is put in place to ensure that each party in the organization accomplishes its mandate on time. The no late work accepted policy is part of this control system and is aimed at ensuring accountability among people working in any given organization.
Many people are prone to procrastinations, the idea of intentionally putting off work to a later time with the view that no serious consequences can come out of it. This is an abuse of leniency on the part of the worker or student in a school setting. It shows that they are not taking the work with the seriousness it requires, which could also mean they do not believe in the vision of the organization. Imposing sanctions on late delivery of assignments serves to enforce such visions and p...

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...nts is enhanced. Provision of exceptions also ensures that the law is not applied indiscriminately but rather, caution is exercised to accommodate such situations where the late submitters had no control over their failures. Therefore, I believe that the “no late work accepted policy” is very good.

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