My Views On Multicultural Education Essay

My Views On Multicultural Education Essay

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The primary purpose of this paper is to discuss how my views have changed as a learner, as well as, a teacher in relation to multicultural education, culturally responsive pedagogy, and transformative teaching. Prior to this class, I believe I was a bit ignorant to the depth of multicultural education. I understood there were different cultures; I understood there were those who were privileged and those who were marginalized; and I understood that unfortunately racism, discrimination, and marginalization still exist today. However, I did not truly understand the extent and depth of it. I was also blind to the origination of it and who/what continue to feed it to allow it to still exist.
At first I thought multicultural education consisted of learning about other cultures and their traditions, while learning to show acknowledgment and respect for them. But just as Ednid Lee uses the term ‘anti-racist education’, true multicultural education brings more focus on discrimination and how some people’s differences are looked upon as deficits and disadvantages (Au, 2009). The goal of anti-racist/multicultural education is to acknowledge what beliefs or items are preventing others’ differences from being valued, and then to change these things to become more culturally fair (Au, 2009). I believe this class has done exactly that for me as a learner.
My Views as a Learner
Through the readings and videos, it has caused me to think much deeper into the issue of those who are marginalized and those who are privileged. I wonder if those who are privileged truly recognize the fact they are privileged in society? Do they recognize the fact there are those who are marginalized? Or vice versa with the marginalized realizing they themselves are m...

... middle of paper ... matter that I share my new understanding of this theory/philosophy/concept?” Students who are asked these kinds of questions, and then work to answer them as part of meaning-making, are students who are more likely to have a transformative learning experience. Today’s primary challenge in education is to create learning environments that preserve the cultural integrity of every child while enhancing their educational success. All of us involved must engage in dialogue to develop a collective vision of teaching and learning in a multicultural society. We need to examine and revise the curriculum in light of that vision. Ednid Lee states, “What we are talking about here is pretty radical; multicultural education is about challenging the status quo and the basis of power,” (Au, 2009, p. 15). However, the time to act is now, and this class has taught me exactly that.

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