My Views On Critical Thinking Essay

My Views On Critical Thinking Essay

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Intro to Thoughts
“Think”. One word. It is a simple statement. It is simple concept, right? Not when one is considering how to think. Critical Thinking is thinking about how we think. In this paper I will demonstrate my developing intellectual traits by identifying and describing my perceived stage of critical thinking development, as described by the Stages of Development of Critical Thinking model. I will also reflect on the Critical Thinking class. I will talk about what I found useful and insightful.
Diving into my Thought
First before I state where I believe I am in the stages of critical thinking, we must first look at the first four stages of development. I will quickly breakdown what the four stages are. The first stage is called the Unreflective Thinker. This stage the thinker does not notice they make assumptions, and their egocentric tendencies dominate their thinking. The second stage is the Challenged Thinker. The Challenged Thinker is someone who makes assumptions. They also use false, incomplete, or misleading information. The next stage is the Beginning Thinker. It is in this stage that the thinker is starting to analyze the logic of situations and problems. The last is the Practicing Thinker. This type of thinker is someone who uses wasted time. They handle a problem a day. They internalize intellectual standers. They also get in touch with their emotions.
Now that we know what the four types of critical thinking development are, I will talk about what I perceive my current stage of thinking to be. I believe I am at the third stage, the Beginning Thinker. The reason I say this is because I can see myself being analytical when I look at situations and problems. I try to see the fact behind the emotions. I try t...

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...e issue at hand.
I enjoyed the group work projects. We were tasked with presenting hot button and controversial topics. My group did not always have the same take on the issues as I did. We were able to come to together to present a thoughtful and complete presentation, considering all our different points of views. I also enjoyed the open discussions on the different topics. It was interesting to see the different ideas and view point between the different individual in the class. And even though the discussions took more time then was planned, I think it helped people go from surface thought to deeper more in depth thoughts about these issues. This class helped me to think critically in my different classes and in other areas of my life. Before this class I never thought about how it is I think. Now I will put more thought into why it is I think the way I do.

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