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People protest the idea of cloning because many are mystified as to how it could be used and what its purposes can be. The purpose and use of cloning, in the scenario the paper is based on, is to save a life. This use and purpose of cloning is extremely specified in the sense that it would save a human being’s life. The fact that we, as humans, might be able to figure out how to clone so that lives could be saved is extremely exciting and inspiring. On the other hand, there is a time and a place for everything, including research. While cloning is justifiable in certain circumstances, I would want to make sure other healthcare issues were taken care before donating money to research for cloning.
Whether or not there would be a decision to finance further cloning research, there are clear ways in which this kind of cloning is justifiable. The first reason that the cloning of this child (who will be called Stella) is justifiable is because with the birth of the cloned child (who will be called Mia) can save Stella’s life. “Indeed, the report (from the National Advisory Commission) suggests that it would be a ‘tragedy’ to allow ‘the sick child to die because of a moral or political objection to such cloning’” (575). This statement deals with the reality of the fact that Stella’s life is at stake and that; if possible, actions should be taken to keep Stella alive. One of the possible actions in this scenario is cloning and this section of the report is arguing that if, indeed, cloning can save Stella, then “moral or political” issues should not get in the way of saving her life. The use of cloning here is not the same as a woman and a man deciding to use cloning to have a child that they are unable to have. Instead, the use of clonin...

... middle of paper ... from a professional interest and the other stems from a personal interest. In short, researchers (who have a zest for scientific answers) are wearing a different hat than an individual who desires healthcare.
What with Stella being close to death, my response is to attempt to try everything and anything to save her. If giving birth to Mia through cloning so that Stella can live and Mia can have a fantastic life (with the same amount of hardships as other people) then I think that the scenario for cloning is more than justifiable. On the other hand, I do think that it is important to make sure that others have reasonable healthcare prior to doing extra research on the cloning of human subjects. Finally, I chose to use names for the children so that the reader would have a more personal connection to both the child who was dying and the child who gets to live.

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