My Views On Classroom Management Essay

My Views On Classroom Management Essay

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Classroom Management has a lot of philosophies and some of them I believe there are really good, but there are some that I do not agree with. As a prospective teacher, I have to start doing more research about every single theory so that I can be able to make a good decision on how I want see my classroom work. I believe that classroom management is the key to allow you to teach because through classroom management you teach the students the norms and what is expected of them. Therefore, I would try to get the best methods or ideas from every theory so that I can have good classroom management. I want my classroom to be different every day so they can be engage in all my lessons. In my opinion, a good teacher is someone who is respectful, caring, enthusiastic, flexible, and caring. These are some important characteristics that a good teacher may have in order to create a positive learning environment. The theory that I would use as a base of my classroom management is Jacob Kounin’s theory. I agree with Jacob Kounin’s theory that a teacher needs to do effective transitions in class so students can move from one activity from another without loosing the engagement and instructional time. Also, that a teacher needs to be very attentive of everything that is happening inside the classroom. The responsibility of a teacher is to create a positive and safe environment in his or her class so that every student can feel valuated and accepted.

My assumptions of young people are that I know that all of them are different. This country is now full of diverse students and every student is different in almost all aspects.
All students have different ways of learning and one way cannot work for every student. As a teacher, I would need to us...

... middle of paper ...

... in homework and assignments on time.
Breaking the rules will result:

1st Offense: Verbal Warning
2nd Offense: Detention and parent contacted
3rd Offense: Send to the principal office and parent contacted

These rules, policies, and boundaries are very important in order to have a good classroom management. I will ensure that this social contract can become meaningful to every single of my students. I will also make the students and parents sign the contract so that they can know that it is very important.
I think that my expectation is more student-centered 1 style. I know that a teacher teach the students, but it is the student who has the responsibility to learn. I will always be helping them and guide them the best that I can. This is one of the reasons that I want to have them work in groups because it will promote this student-center 1 style.

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