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My View On Social Work Essay

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When I first realized I had an aspiration to have a career in social work I originally wanted to work with youth and adolescents. Initially, I decided youth and adolescent because I had dealt with many difficult experiences as an adolescent, which required assistance of social workers, and counselors. I was very thankful for the support I had which benefited my life in many ways, and dreamed of being able to do the same for other struggling youth.
My view on social work has changed dramatically because of what I’ve learned so far in this course. I now realize social work is a global profession, and can take many forms. I was unaware that social work has become a global awareness across countries. Learning this has really interested me in working with immigrants and refugees, or participating in a mission’s trip. I now recognize the stress and challenges immigrants and refugees experience, and the support that is needed for these people. Watching the video “Well Founded Fear” gave me a clear perspective on how immigration processes work. I didn’t agree with some of the suggestions made throughout the film, for example, the one worker suggested that he found the person “unbelievable” if he had heard the statement made before by another immigrant. I noticed what they failed to realize is that people can face similar challenges is another country, and may refuse to go into detail due to the fact that they are ashamed and/or embarrassed to explain their traumatic experiences, or they may have pushed the memory aside because it was so traumatic. I have taken such an interest in this subject because I want to be someone they feel comfortable expressing their experiences and feelings to, as well as someone who can detect honesty, and en...

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... she did with me; help struggling youth find their way.
After gaining insight from working with Children’s Aid Society, I would like to continue with social work as a counselor. I want to be the counselor that adolescent’s feel they can turn to in times of need, and be completely honest and open with. I want to know they are worth so much, and have so many opportunities ahead of them. Most of all, I want them to feel that they are understood, and recognized.
Being a counselor, I can be confronted with all issues of social work, consisting of racism, sexism, abuse, neglect, families, immigrants, drug addictions, and more, which is why I found this line of social work so intriguing. Having completed this course, I already feel more wise, and educated about my decision, and aware of the work I may be performing, and I am very excited to learn more in my BSW program.

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