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My View Of My Life Essay

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My entire life I have been raised Catholic, this includes my schooling. Since the 3rd grade, I’ve attended Catholic elementary school and when I graduated elementary school I attended an all-boys Catholic high school. So my comfort zone has always been in the Catholic religion. In this project, it forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and experience a worship service that differs from my own. Serving in the military, I have been fortunate enough to bond with different people from all walks of life and religious disciplines. During boot camp I was fortunate enough to get invited to several different religious services, however, they were either different denominations of the Christian/Catholic religion, rooted or similar to the Catholic services I attended in my youth. With this project, I really wanted to experience something that opened my eyes to other religions and their services. A very close acquaintance of mine, Ariel, invited me to attend a reform Jewish service at the temple.
I have always been intrigued by the Jewish religion, and I was not disappointed. I was amazed how non-Jews were welcomed to attend services at the temple. The congregation welcomed me with open arms, aware that I was a non-Jew who was joining a friend and came to the synagogue out of a genuine curiosity about the religion, as well as an interested in the service. The first lesson I received from Ariel was what to call the name of the establishment in which the service was held. Ariel gave me a quick lesson on the breakdown of what each sect refer to each house of worship. The Orthodox and Chasidim sect use the word shul, which is Yiddish meaning school. They emphasize that the role of the house of worship is more of a place of study. While, c...

... middle of paper ... read. The bimah was also used as a podium for leading services.
In all, it was a majestic and beautiful service that was steep in history and opened my eyes to the Jewish religion. I honestly do not think I would have experienced something of this magnitude on my own. This project opened my eyes to something that I had always been interested in but never thought I would have done. I saw many similarities between the Jewish and Catholic religion but also how vastly different these two religions were. I learned many terms that were at times difficult to pronounce but had a rich history behind. Ariel invited me back anytime I wished to join in the service and now after this project, I find myself wanting to participate more in understanding his religion. I feel learning about another religion can really give you an appreciation for whatever religion you follow.

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