My Understanding Of The Child Welfare System Essay

My Understanding Of The Child Welfare System Essay

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Before this class I had little understanding of the child welfare system. The project and the other information presented in the class has helped be come to a better understanding of the child welfare system. The Mendoza family project helped be work through the child welfare system by applying the case. The first part of the project was a case note of the first visit to the home. Case notes are taken at each visit and are vital to child welfare system. If a child is found to be subject to abuse or neglect the case notes will be presented to the court. Also case notes are official records, so if they are not documented there is no proof of the visit. A case note includes parent jobs, education of the parents and children, home environment, information about the children, and an assessment. While working on the assessment I learned signs to look for to determine if child abuse or neglect is present. For example, the Mendoza family did not have enough income coming in which is a sign for child neglect.
The project also required me to do an ecological assessment which I have never done before. The ecological assessment looks at risk factors that can affect the family and ways to prevent them. I found this method extremely useful for my future career goals. The ecological assessment can be useful when working with children or the elderly. For the Mendoza family this assessment help be realize the limit of resources they had in their area. This lead me to take a look at my areas resources. With the information I have learned about family needs and resources, I noticed my community needs more resources. The ecological assessment also taught me how some of the needs can be meet. For the Mendoza family, there was no one...

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... that these steps will help me stay healthy and active instead of becoming burned-out.
My values maybe different then my client’s but I feel that I can put my values aside to help the client. The only problem I think I would encounter would be an abonnement case involving multiple children. One of my biggest values is family. My whole life has been shaped by family. About four years ago my cousin gave up her rights to two of her daughters, but kept her other three children. Since then I have watched the two girls she gave up be raised by their grandma. There grades dropped, their personalities changed, and everything they asked was about their mom and siblings. I believe that I could put my feelings to the side, but another social worker maybe more effective. Other than that situation I think I could put aside my values to help whoever needs help.

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