Essay about My Understanding Of The Bible

Essay about My Understanding Of The Bible

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My understanding of the bible is in a ways at conflict, I 'm not sure what I understand when it comes to the bible anymore. Growing up, I was raised as a Christian girl, a preachers ' grandchild at that. Reading and learning the bible is something that I didn 't question I just did it, like a requirement, it was something that was in our weekly routine . But as I 'm growing up and reading the bible I 'm learning how to compare the different verses, critique it, I 'm learning how not to be bias of the bible, and I 'm learning that it contradicts itself. Being that I was raised a certain way within the church, and I 'm now taking courses that makes me question things I never had to question before, my thoughts and understandings are now all in disarray. So now what I believed all my life is at an uncertainty and my confusion is at its all-time high.
Some people look at the bible as a way of life. A way to live and go throughout their life span the way the bible says they should. Some people follow the bible but in a secular way. As in they believe in the things the bible is s...

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