Essay on My Understanding Of Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs

Essay on My Understanding Of Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs

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TECA 1303

Answer in complete sentences and be sure to spell check. “Yes” or “No” answers alone will not receive any points. Choose 10 questions to answer from the 14 questions listed below. Use your textbook to answer the questions. Repeat the question and provide a 1-3 paragraph response.

1. Thinking about your own life using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model, can you draw a picture of the various layers of context in which you grew up?6

2. *What is your understanding of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Do you know someone who you would consider has reached the highest levels?

My understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is that people have five stages that motivate behavior. Level one, two and three I feel are centered around basic needs, which are food, water, security and closeness. Level four is recognition and involve self-esteem, and feeling of worth. Last self-actualizing involves living up to someone else potential. I believe I have met people that reached the highest level, but I also believe there is always room for improvement.

3. *Discuss separation anxiety. What behaviors indicate the child is trying to keep the attached person from leaving? What emotions might a child display? How can an adult help the child to separate from the person he or she is attached to?

Separation anxiety is when a child looks around to find primary care giver for comfort. The emotional behaviors that shows that the child is trying to keep the attached person from leave are crying whining and fussing. To help a child one must use small steps to help the process. The first thing a parent could do is leave the child with a family member for a short period of time to get the child use to the change. Then move on to bigger steps a...

... middle of paper ... us both to learn from experience.

14. *Give examples of three prosocial behaviors you would want to teach young children. Have you ever taught these behaviors? If yes, how? Would you use this particular discussion question when working with parents? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Three of the prosocial behaviors I would like to teach young children is allowing them to experience the consequence of their action, empower rather than overpower, and reward desire behavior.
I think I need to allow my children to learn the consequence of their action through experience more often. Empowering children rather than over powering them. I think the discussion questions are very helpful, but I think people should focus on what needs to be asked and not just set questions. I believe asking a variety of question will allow a teacher to get more information form a parent.

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