My Trip - Original Writing Essay

My Trip - Original Writing Essay

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I 'm not sure when I 'm going to be in the library next it probably won 't be until Judy 's retirement party. I 'm leaving work that day at 2 so I should be there about 2:30ish.

I wanted to catch you up on what 's been going on which isn 't much or important, but that 's what our usual conversation revolved around so maybe you won 't mind :)

My trip was wonderful I think it was the best one I 've had down to the low country to date. We went with Sam 's best friends parents whom we love and according to them they have adopted us as their other children. They 're just really fun to be around and we all have a lot in common and the same ideas about life so we all got along really well. The woman Amy got her first deer ever a doe and was so excited I thought she would pee her pants! lol seriously it was a little over the top. I think Sam and her husband were embarrassed personally I thought it was funny and just excited to see someone so happy about hunting. hat 's how you know she will be a lifelong hunter. Also if she was that excited about a little doe she 'll really pee her pants if she every gets a big buck. That same night her husband got 2 bucks so since we were going to be skinning and gutting deer a while I took the opportunity to practice more on my skinning skills to try and help us get back to the cabin a little faster.

The weather most of the time was nice some early mornings and evenings were cold, but not unbearable. It rained a good bit too, but thankfully most of the time not when we were outside. Because of all the rain prior to us coming and when we were there the swamp was flooded terribly. The stand I usually hunt in I had to hunt the opposite way because the way I 'm usually facing was complete...

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...e been board a lot, but with school starting back I will appreciate the down time to be able to work on school stuff. My one in room class will be tue/thu 9:30-10:50 which is weird bc the whole time I 've been going to school I 've always had mon/wed classes and bc I get to work at 8 and will only work for an hr and 20 mins before leaving for class and coming back a lil while later. I actually think I will like these changes tho. My classes are all with the same teacher and I have a computer class the one I 've dropped 2 times already and I 'll focus most of my attention on it a office procedures class that 's just building on the one I already did I don 't think will be to hard hopefully and a workplace kind of internship that I 'm actually going to be able to do at the job I 'm already just recording my time and what I do and maybe a paper here and there.


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