My Trip At China, India, Japan, Asia, Africa, And Brazil Essay example

My Trip At China, India, Japan, Asia, Africa, And Brazil Essay example

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Before I embark on my long awaited world journey; a trip like this will be extraordinarily enlightening and will undoubtedly change the way I view the world. My trip will include a visit to China, India, Japan, Africa and Brazil. Each country is filled with their own unique heritage that fills the towns and cities with a distinct cultural atmosphere. My world excursion will capture the different values of each culture through the specific sites that I visit, and will explore the historical highlights of the countries. First stop, Brazil.
Brazil is beautiful country filled with colorful wildlife, pristine beaches, delicious food, and historical sites that take your breath away. The statue of Christ, called Christ the Redeemer, overlooking the Rio de Janeiro is absolutely incredible. It is located at the peak of Corcovado mountain and overlooks the entire city. Having seen pictures of this statue before, visiting it was a must, and it is evident why the people preserve it. The location of the statue is comforting, because it is a reminder for the people that God is looking down with arms open for them and that he is above everything else. The historical significance is prevalent to all of the people living there and any Christian for that matter. Many people visit Brazil with the plan of going to see this statue. Next stop in Brazil is the Amazon Theatre, located in Manaus. The theatre was previously used as a opera house before it lost the main source of income. Built in a period heavily centered on trade, the opera house has furnishings and building materials from many different countries. Despite the diffusion of many countries, this opera house is the epitome of Brazil, from the various colors to the style of the building ...

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...stages in Japans history, and that is very appealing to the people and keeps the interest in the Imperial Palace alive.
My world tour has been very insightful into the culture of the different countries. I got a peek into their vast collection of historical highlight sites which impacted my way of viewing each country. Having never seen another countries memorial was different, because it was sad to think about the devastation that happened there too. But throughout the journey it was clear what was the underlying motivation for each country. In China it was clearly power and safety, and in India, sex and love were the most prevalent historical ties. Overall this was an exciting trip and I am looking forward to the future to visit these countries again and brooded my knowledge, but for now I will enjoy my time spent over seas and the amazing journey that I went on.

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