My Top 5 Restaurants At Vancouver Essay example

My Top 5 Restaurants At Vancouver Essay example

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My Top 5 Restaurants in Vancouver
Vancouver is a beautiful city that offers a selection of food. You may find food from Japan, Korea, India, Greek, Mexico, and China just to name a few. I’ve been living in Vancouver for 18 years and fortunate enough to try some of the great food it has to offer. I love exploring different types of restaurants, and the many different combinations of food that they provide. What better place to try a selection of food than the multicultural city that is Vancouver.
Catch 122
If you’re a morning person, you will enjoy Catch 122. Located in downtown Vancouver, it offers a variety of healthy breakfasts made with fresh ingredients. This café bistro offers choices varying from omelettes and eggs Benedict, to soup and sandwiches. I always order their signature dish: The Catch 122. It combines a variety of fresh ingredients. It includes a poached-egg (cooked to your liking), an in-house smoke wild salmon, dill crème fraiche, arugula, croissant and Yukon style potato hash. In case you’re wondering, a crème fraiche is a high fat, but low viscosity sour cream. It’s creamy, smooth, and very refreshing when pairing it as a condiment for the salmon. Price ranges from $15-30 dollars per person. They have beautiful decors in the bistro, such as light bulbs hung from ladders that are installed sideways on the ceiling. The open kitchen concept allows customers to watch how the food is prepared, yet is still able to retain a calm and quiet environment to gather with friends and family.
Market by Jean-Georges
Another restaurant I would recommend is Market by Jean-Georges. It is located in the heart of Downtown; in the beautiful Shangri-La hotel, featuring the most exquisite flavours of international foods. Costing $50-...

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...s, and bean sprouts. They also have a hot pot feature which not many people get a chance to experience. Starting with a very rich and spicy soup base, it’s cooked with large pieces of beef, pork, black pepper, onions, and a variety of vegetables. One of my favourite dishes there would be the spicy tofu seafood soup. It is a combination of various seafood, cooked in a spicy miso broth and garnished with the softest tofu you can’t find anywhere else.
Vancouver is such a multicultural city and I hope you will try some of these wonderful restaurants and experience it yourself. Not only do you find a wide variety of food here, but most of the ingredients are fresh and locally grown. Trying a variety of different cultural foods really gives you an idea of different cultures and their traditions. Every country has their own style of food, each unique in some way or another.

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