Essay on My Time Spent On Driving

Essay on My Time Spent On Driving

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My time spent learning how to drive started at age 12 leading up to getting my license when I turned 16, driving has taught me many valuable lessons. To this day I am still learning lessons, every time my foot touches the accelerator. One of the greater lessons it’s has taught me is to have trust in my self.
I can still remember the first time my Granpa looked over at me in the truck and said, “You wanna try driving through the pasture, I can scoot the seat up for you and I’ll be right here”. For me at the age of 12, or so I could not picture myself driving. The property was privately owned and not much harm could be done. It was an old overgrown apple orchard; the trees had began to make a tunnel, grass in some places was taller then I. The fence that gripped the cows in was a mile heigh and rusty. The path that I was offered to drive through seemed to be long. This path was narrow with bushes lingering out from all the corners. With this kind of offer of course I agreed, even though I can still remember how scared I was, gripping the wheel with both hands peeking up over the dash. I proceeded to do what was asked and as nervous as i was, it seemed to come easy to me. If you were to ask my Granpa today if he got a few bolts of whiplash he’d let out a snicker but there is a good chance he would not give an answer.
It was a humid, early July morning when I was up in the orchard helping Granpa work on the fence that that deer had broken out from the past night. This fence enclosed 10 head of cattle that were being raised for the winter to fill many freezers. The fence weaved in between rocks and vines. Getting to the fence was the trouble, not so much fixing the issue. I grabbed my little bucket that was made spec...

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...most tests for me, I got way to nervous and over thought it. I then drove the car back and got the hear the speech from the instructor “You need to work on your backing up, parallel parking and you can send this green paper back for a new date”. I was holding back the tears as I got the lecture waiting for her to leave so I could get my disappointment out. About an hour after I was over this failure moment, went and sent out for my second try.
“Congratulations you have passed” said the instructor as I pulled back into the DMV. That statement had to be one of the best things someone could tell me. I was so nervous for my second road test, hearing this news made my whole day.
Learning to drive for me has been more then just the connection of your foot to the gas pedal, it has been life lessons, a part of growing up and learning to have trust in yourself.

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