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1. Out of all my previous work experience, my time spent at Fortinos has been most effective in building trust amongst my team members and leading by example. While working in a fast paced environment with many duties, it was very important to me to establish myself as a trustworthy person. I accomplished this by going above and beyond in my duties, therefore proving I could be counted on to perform tasks efficiently and with a high degree of performance. I also built trust amongst my coworkers by having conversations with them outside of work, and getting to know them all very well. The trust I built with my team was helpful because my coworkers knew I could be relied on in times of need, whether it be taking over a shift, or completing extra tasks in the department. I also led by example due to my hard work ethic and desire to maintain positive relationships with coworkers and costumers alike. On various occasions my manager and coworkers claimed that I was the best worker in the department, and one of the best workers in the store. This led to my manager trusting me with additional tasks such as opening the store during peak holidays, training new employees, and evaluating employees. When I reflect upon my time spent employed in the bakery, I believe my hard work influenced coworkers to also increase their productivity as well. Due to the compliments from others in the store, as well as my own feelings, I also believe that I was more mature and had a greater desire to succeed in my job than other employees my age did. I feel as though these traits will help me succeed in the Residence Head Soph position in the upcoming year. As a Head Soph, I believe it is very important to maintain a high level of trust amongst you...

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...plement a carnival day, and snowball fights during the winter. I also think that it is very important to maintain weekend programs for students who do not drink. Some ideas I have come up with include: Rock-climbing expeditions, yoga under the stars, throwback Thursday movie nights, potluck dinners, and late night Recreation Centre workouts, just to name a few. I believe I have quite a few good ideas planned if I were to be selected as Residence Head Soph. However, I am aware I cannot organize successful residence programs unaided. I am prepared to maintain regular communication with the Residence Manager, the Residence Orientation Coordinator, the Coordinator Orientation Initiatives team, my Residence Soph team, and the other Head Sophs. With consistent communication, and organized and innovative programs, I think I would make a great addition to the Head Soph team.

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