My Thoughts On Therapeutic Recreation Essay

My Thoughts On Therapeutic Recreation Essay

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1. My thoughts pertaining to this course has shifted to a more thorough idea of what my major is. My initial thoughts the first few weeks was that there is not enough time in the world to accomplish the assignments and most certainly the SPD. My thoughts about my future as a CTRS have been altered too. I always thought we just pick activities that we think will meet our client’s needs and leave it at that. The process is not that simple, I now understand that we must design a program plan and think about activity analysis, orientation, implementation, outcome measures, APIE, evaluations and so on. I would mark the change I felt over the semester as more positive taste of therapeutic recreation in the work setting. Sometimes I forget to apply the information I learn so by having sticking with an agency throughout the semester it became more realistic for me.
2. I think I am still growing as a learner because I am still discovering who I am. I think college has been a time where I discover my talents and the things I need to improve on. For example, working in groups in this...

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