My Thoughts On Sensation, Perception And Perspective Essay

My Thoughts On Sensation, Perception And Perspective Essay

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Growing up I realized the way my future was forming through sensation, perception and perspective. Looking back I now realize how my thoughts on sensation, perception and perspective have changed. For example when I would hear people talking loud outside my apartment I could perceive there was an argument. This sensation is the simple stimulation of a sense organ. As my age grew I now have a million different ways I could have perceived why people were talking loud outside. Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of a sensation in order to form a mental representation. On the follow up back of my argument example my perspective on this fight was I hoped that it would end soon. ¬¬Perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something, a point of view. Also perspective is an art style that changes the thought by giving the object distance or depth on a piece of paper. This term perspective depends on your preferences and the distinct experiences that you can come to a closure on the ideas in life. Using the film in English, the museum field trip, some resourceful article’s we were given in psychology and the textbook all have vast examples of sensation, perception and perspective.
On our field trip to the Brooklyn museum we went to a sneaker exhibit that showed the various sneakers worn by billions of people around the world. The Rise of Sneaker Culture was the first exhibition that in depth provided social history and cultural significance of footwear. From the start of the sneakers in the mid-nineteenth century to overpriced sneakers being created in the past years, sneakers have become a global obsession. My perception of this exhibition was that I would find many shoes that are irr...

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...t. Some ways we now have a different perception on our self is with the term self-verification. Self-verification is the tendency to seek evidence to confirm the self-concept. Basically it means that the way someone looks at you and the way you are defined. This is where perception then puts our self-esteem to play because we then question ourselves is this how we want to be seen in society? Self-esteem is the extent to which an individual likes, values, and accepts the self. In order for someone to perceived to have high self-esteem is if they were to have a high social status or if they are worthy of respect.
Learning about sensation, perception, and perspective made me realize my I look at things from a different perspective now. We are all taught to do act a certain way by our parents so that society will accept but to be honest we should all just be ourselves.

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