Essay on My Thoughts On My Mind

Essay on My Thoughts On My Mind

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As a teenager, I have always enjoyed the peacefulness of walking and running track. I was never the fastest sprinter; yet, I qualified in a few Cross-Country Canada races. Today, I still choose to walk to and from school, though I did stop running. What did running provide for myself? Why was this insufficient?
I’ve decided to run again. As an alternative to racing, I ran on an incline. Some things are done for its own sake and others for something else (Ross, 1999). I ran on an incline to achieve a satisfied, self confidence in my body’s appearance. This is one of many ends, the immediate end. The end to which the potentiality of my body matches that of my mind. My mind is the result of vigorous cultivation via experience, decisions, knowledge, awareness, etc. The end to which I may feel beautiful, a physical virtue attributed by my psyche; a psychê that yearns to develop.
During the first day of running, I was cautioned to limit the length of the run. According to Aristotle, souls are comprised of two portions, the rational and the irrational part (Ross, 1999). Experience permitte...

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