Essay on My Thoughts On Elder Abuse

Essay on My Thoughts On Elder Abuse

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It is a conflicting battle between the elderly and our society. Elder abuse shows it face as mixed personality characteristic, much like the ones who are doing the abuse. Conflict theory is anyone who struggles continuously in search for power and resources (Kendall, 2014). Our abused elderly struggle everyday to achieve power over their abuser and seek needed resources to only find a dead in road that leads to their demise because our society fails to give back their power and provide the resources that they need to have an abused free life.
My thoughts on elder abuse will always be the same no matter what reason is given; it’s wrong. As a Licensed Practical Nurse, formally a Certified Nursing Aid, and currently in school to pursue higher nursing advancement, I see elder abuse happen every day. I have worked in home health settings where I interact with family members, observe reactions, and implement interventions to aid the family and the patient in daily activities. I have also worked in hospice care, which is the dying patient, and noticed that even at deaths door you still find the verbal, emotional and financial abuse take place and there is nothing the elderly abused victim can do about it really. One example, is a male patient who had hospice care provided by my company on a 24/7 routine basis in his private home until his death. I was personally at this individual’s home for approximately 6 months, working minimum 36 hours a week. During that time, I observed the children of the patient struggle with emotional, mental and physical conditions within themselves. Some of the children suffered from alcohol and drug addiction which lead to finical abuse of the patient. Of the three children, the eldest would...

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...he act) and the nursing supervisors that failed to report the incidence. To me, this is unacceptable. Everyone involved, including every CNA that was present, nursing supervisors and director of nursing not only should have been fired, but their licensed to practice should have been pulled so they could not practice again. Because abuse is not looked at seriously, this type of behavior continues.
As a nurse, I am an advocate for my patient and it is my duty to protect the patients at all cost regardless of my personal life, situation, or any other influencing factors that would persuade me to neglect to report abuse. As I pledged during my induction ceremony as a Licensed Practical Nurse, it still holds true today, “that I will do in all my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.”

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