Essay about My Theory Of Everyday Life For The Future Generation

Essay about My Theory Of Everyday Life For The Future Generation

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It’s 1893, we’ve been asked to predict life in 100 years. My theory of everyday life for the future generation is; Factories will be the standard, transportation will advance beyond our imagination, Women’s roles will change, Extensive advances in machinery will be found, and The animal industry will transform. I will go into further detail on each of these subjects in the following paragraph’s.
First off we’ll explain the reasoning behind why I believe factories will be part of everyday life, products becoming mass produced. By 1893 they’re just getting into the beginnings of mass production, mostly on things such as guns, and farm equipment. It hasn’t been long since the products were crafted in homes still. “Between 1860 and 1920, American manufacturing increased almost fourteenfold” (P.147). American manufacturing will begin to conquer the world, by 1993 they will become a powerhouse. Why? Because Americans will always put fourth an attempt to make effective “labor saving” inventions. They will always strive to be better, to make more product, more money, and payout as little as possible. “Americans believed that anyone could build a better mouse-trap and win admiration and wealth for the effort” (P.142).
Secondly, transportation will drastically change. Automobiles will become an everyday object that many take for granted. This process started off with the bicycle, our text says that “there would be millions of these on the road before the automobile, and that most early auto manufacturers previously made bicycles” (P.164). So the thought of leaving behind a horse, and carriage had already crossed the minds of many. Therefore, all they need is time by 1993 they’ve have plenty of time to grow from a carriage, to a bike, to f...

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...umn for family use had become a centralized, mechanized business. The consumer was spared the bloody task of killing what they ate” (P.134). This is the start of mass production, eventually these things will end up in local stores to be bought.
Overall I believe Americans will continue to push forward, to become the power house they’ve always known they could be. America will produce minds, that will change history, and everyday life. The idea of not having a car will be a thing of the past, people will be able to live miles upon miles away, and still be able to get to work on time. Women will eventually become equals to men in the work place. They will be able to step away from just being a classic “housewife” and, actually contribute financially to their families. All while the idea of killing your own animals, or milking your own cow’s slowly fades into the past.

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