Essay about My Teacher Back Home At California

Essay about My Teacher Back Home At California

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Coming up with questions on what to ask my teacher back home in California was pretty tough. Scott Dufrense one of my teachers back home just received his teaching job a couple years ago. When I graduated it was going to be his 3rd year going in as a Math teacher. Lutheran High School wasn’t a well populated school. The school had nearly 500 students there so it wasn’t all hard for him to fit right in. He connected with the staff right away and also the students. However, when I interviewed him through FaceTime, I did not jump straight to the questions, we started having a conversation about what things he did when he first started college and what stuff prepared him every day to becoming a successful teacher. I also talked to him about what his main goals in college were and what things he did to get through that stage. Gladly he told me everything about his success during his college life which really opened up the gates for me and it gave me an opportunity to think about my future. Also, I gained much confidence about myself because I knew my personality will fit right into the ...

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