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My Survival Guide

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This is my survival guide. Throughout the previous nine weeks I have been in a whole new world. That world is distance learning. My experience thus far with University has been extremely interesting. I have learned that it’s not too late for me to attend school after all. I have learned that I can move forward with my education, contrary to what I have thought for all these years. The following document will serve as my survival guide through the remainder of my experience with University of Phoenix.

Using Axia’s Educational Resources
The Library at Axia University of Phoenix is an extremely valuable tool. There is a wealth of information stored here all at my fingertips. The database search proved very useful to me when looking for articles. EBSCOHost, Gale PowerSearch, and ProQuest are the three databases available when going into the Article Database, Major. As I learned early on, finding articles here is not difficult. The option to include peer-reviewed articles is an excellent feature to take advantage of. Internet searches are also valuable, but extreme caution must be used when using sources outside of Axia. Information on the internet is easy to find, but hard to trust. It is difficult to know if the source is accurate or not. When using information found on the internet, I must remember to check if sources have been cited or not. When I need to find information on the internet, I will use Google first, as it is very expansive. I will then review my initial results and try to narrow them down to sources I can trust. I have found generally website that are .edu, or .org are reliable because these are not commercial sites and are not trying to sell anything. Even still sources must be checked. If an article I read on a website cites a source, I will attempt to find it as well and verify before using that material.
Upholding Academic Honesty
As covered very well in class, I learned quickly that upholding academic honesty is of utmost importance. First and foremost, plagiarism is not tolerated at Axia University of Phoenix. Not to mention the fact that it is a terrible thing to do anyway. Doing original work when working on an assignment is the only way to ensure you are learning what you came to learn. I’m paying money for this education, and cheating by having someone else do the work for me will not benefit me at all.

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Purchasing pre-written papers for my assignments is just as bad as plagiarizing because it is not me who is doing the work. I will remember to never put my name on an assignment that was not written by me. The threat of having to leave the program because of dishonesty is just not worth the risk.

Setting and Achieving Goals
Setting and achieving goals was a difficult week for me. I must remember to take the time and detail out what my goals really are. Two short term goals I have in mind when this class is over would be to try to dedicate more time and attention to my next two classes, and to attempt to be more organized with my time in general. I came into this class thinking that I could wait until late at night and just “whip out” the assignments quickly before bed. I have learned that time management is more important than I thought. I will remain focused on my short term goals, and how they will bring me closer to my long term goals. I plan to spend more time reading the course syllabus early on, and perhaps get a planner so I can keep my assignments posted in it. This way, there is no surprise when things are due. After my next two classes are completed, I plan to take a week or so off. During which time I will handle as many things that are not school related as possible. I have to put things off often because they interfere with my school work.

Managing Time Wisely
As I do not have very much free time, managing my time wisely is of the utmost importance. Yet I rarely take the time needed to make careful plans or to prioritize my tasks. I have been suffering at the hands of my lack of organization for some time now. However, some of the things I have learned will help me get things in order. I have learned techniques for getting information out of reading assignments quicker, and more effectively. By taking more of an active approach to reading and comprehending the material I need to know, I can effectively reduce the time it takes for me to learn the information. As I stated earlier, one of my short term goals is to manage my time better. I think one thing that will have a big effect on how my time is spent is getting a personal planner. My intention is to set it up so I can see at a glance what is due for the whole week. Then on the days that I do not have anything due, I can begin reading the material I need to read. This way, when it comes time to do the assignments, I only have to review the reading, instead of read it for the first time. I must remember that in order to manage my time wisely, I must setup a time table in which I need to get things done. Then I must stick to the schedule I have created in order to meet all my goals in a timely fashion.

Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention
Reading comprehension has been difficult for me my whole life. It seems that when I find the reading to be uninteresting it is nearly impossible for me to get through it. Yet, when I get into a story I am reading, I cannot seem to put it down until I am finished. Using techniques learned in this class I will be able to read material and retain more information out of it. I plan to read as much as possible in the near future, trying hard to fine tune my reading comprehension skills. The reading I have done for this class has taught me many ways in which to optimize my learning abilities. Reading as much as possible is the best way to expose myself to new ideas and information that I am not currently aware of. Expanding my vocabulary and knowledge of the wealth of information out there is exciting to me and a good motivation to continue these practices.

Applying Personality and Learning Styles
While learning about personality and learning styles, I found that it is very important to know what type of learning style I have, as well as which of the “multiple intelligences” that suits me most. While working in a team environment, it was interesting to find how well each of the intelligences meshed together. This will help me to remember to take advantage of my abilities. I must remember to try to put things into the perspective that will help me deal with the information in the best way. As a logical thinker, I learned that it is good to have all of the details before attempting to solve a problem. I plan to use these skills quite a bit not only in my future education but in my work environment as well.

This brings my survival guide to an end. It has helped me review the things I have learned in this class. Writing this guide has also helped me realize exactly how much I have learned in the past nine weeks. It has taken me by surprise. I will look back on this guide in the future and refer to it whenever I am in doubt of my learning techniques. This paper will serve its purpose well I think, for me in my future endeavors with University.
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