Essay about My Summer At Mountain Camp

Essay about My Summer At Mountain Camp

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Having spent the better part of six summers hiking, cooking, orienteering, and practicing archery on the trails of Huddart Park, California, summer camp became a very precious time of my life. When I entered high school, I began working as a Unit Aide at my camp which meant I had the privilege to now teach young girls a whole slew of tasks such as survival skills, first aid, and knife skills. While attending Woodside Priory High School, I heard about similar activities such as archery and overnights that Mountain Camp counselors hosted. Chris Gregory encouraged me to look into the camp and see if it was something I might take interest in, and I soon discovered that it definitely captured my attention. I adore working with kids and would especially enjoy it in an environment so close to my heart as the Priory and Portola Valley. I like to spend my summers busy, outside, and ideally working. Being able to spend my summer at Mountain Camp would be a privilege.
Tell us about the qualities you have that would make you are great camp counselor.

There are many qualities I like to consider as an asset to being a camp counselor. Enthusiasm, patience, and responsibility are at the top of my list, and I have been practicing those throughout my life, but particularly at Peninsula Day Camp since my freshman year of high school. However, other than being able to sing camp songs at an alarmingly loud and fast pace, I truly enjoy working with children of all ages. I value the time I spent at summer camp, and I want to give other participants an experience that is just if not more special. Whether it is strumming a guitar around a campfire, helping an injured child, or running around doing all sorts of activities, I will do so with compassion, vi...

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...y Camp, I vowed to not let any of my kids feel as bored, ignored, or miserable as I did that summer.

Lack of personal freedom is a reality of working at camp (e.g. curfews, limited time off, limited internet access, lack of privacy, no smoking, no drinking alcohol.) What personal adjustments would you need to make in order to be successful in this environment?

One particular adjustment that leads to a successful camp environment is the use of my cell-phone. In today’s day and age where many people struggle to remain unattached to their technology, summer camp is an enlightening experience where I am able to break that bad habit. I really appreciate the time I have to rid myself of constantly updating social media and nonstop texting. Additionally, I will have to make an effort to get adequate amount of sleep which is something I look forward to rather than dread.

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