Essay about My Success Of Exercising Was A First For Me

Essay about My Success Of Exercising Was A First For Me

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Writing in a journal to keep my progress of exercising was a first for me, and to be honest I ended up genuinely enjoying it. Although I do have to admit that at first I was very skeptical of it helping me in any way. I was kind of slow in the beginning; it was very hard for me to start new habits. My goal was to exercise to get fit and lose 15 pounds so I would be healthy by BMI standards, and finally feel better in my own skin by improving my self-esteem. Even though I did improve my health and self-esteem I did not lose the 15 pounds, I only lost ten. I think that my expectations were a little high; nevertheless, I will continue to work on those last 5 pounds and more throughout what’s left of the summer.
Throughout this journey of exercise, I also changed my eating habits for the better. Which really helped improve my physical habits, and gave me strength in my workouts. My main help and support came from my mom; she really pushed me into working out every day with her these past two weeks. Much of my progress is owed to her; she really supports me in everything so much so that she even changed her eating habits for me. Ultimately the biggest challenges for me were procrastination and constancy. By procrastination, I mean, in other areas of my life, where there were things I had to do that could have been done earlier which took up time that I could 've used for exercising. Additionally, one thing or another usually distracts me constantly, so I’ve worked hard to maintain a steady schedule that would allow me the constancy to do my workouts every day and keep a steady track on my journal.
The change that I still have to change for the better would have to be persistence in working out so that it can always be a part ...

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...e understand that when you plan something out, make goals, and take the time to go back and analyze what you have done it helps you keep on tract of what you are doing. I believe that even after this assignment I will continue on a personal journal, even though I really struggled to write in it every day, I plan to keep a weekly one where I am able to go back and evaluate how I am doing. This assignment could never be a waste of time because it was not something that was bad for me; it was something that has made my life a better one to live. Nevertheless, on this journey there were things I could have done to improve it for example, not get sick in the middle of it, have gotten an earlier start with it, and finally written more journal entries in the beginning.

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