My Study of Child Poverty in My Own Community Essay

My Study of Child Poverty in My Own Community Essay

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If I study child poverty from a micro, meso, and macro level. I would start with my own community, which would be on a micro level. I would go to downtown los angels to skid row and look for groups of homeless children. I would observe different kids that I find for a week. I would take notes on how they survive. I would observe where do they eat, where & how they sleep. I would also observe their interaction around other people. After I observed them for a week. I would pick 4 children to Interview. I would pick two girls and two boys. I would interview an African American girl that is in poverty that lives with her family that is close to the age of 16. I would also interview another girl that is Hispanic in her early teens, that does not live with here family. The boys I would interview would be similar to the girls except for the fact of being males. I would ask the group of subject the following questions.
How are you doing? , What do you want to be in life? And what does it take to get there, If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? And why? How did you get here? , What drives you? How do you keep a smile on your face, if you could change anything about your situation what would you change first? , Last but not lease I would ask the question do you think that changes starts with you or someone else?
On a meso level. I would research different cities throughout California to find out the cause and effect of child poverty. I would add Northern California to my research. I would go down to San Diego to researches some subjects and I would go to riverside and Orange County as well. I would study the similarities and the differences to see how it varies. I would also see what are different communities doin...

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... time allowed the harsh treatment to go on toward African American. This theory is critiques because it cannot be measured on a micro level but I feel that this theory is very useful in spite on the critics. History has proven this theory to be true over and over again, with all of the different civil right movement in history. This theory is on a meso and Marco level. It is hard to explain it on a micro level. It is also difficult to test the empirically. It is not effective in explaining cohesion and cooperation. It is too political or radical. Discrimination is normally seen on a large level. Very rarely do you hear of one person being discriminated against. If Martin Luther King would of marched by himself in Washington Dc there would have not been any change. It took a millions to march for change because millions where effect by the injustice for too long.

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