My Study Business Administration I Am Interested At The Yakima Baker Boyer Branch

My Study Business Administration I Am Interested At The Yakima Baker Boyer Branch

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Within my study Business Administration I am interested in doing more of helping my community understand financial literacy. It was a great opportunity for me to do a three month internship at the Yakima Baker Boyer Branch. The internship was more concentrated in the personal teller. At the beginning of my internship I had several learning goals regarding the improvement of knowledge and skill of a financial institution that is more concentrated in Investments and Business banking.
During my time there I have contributed to achieve a number of goals. I was able to learn a new system that at first seemed difficult to learn, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to accomplish it. Learning a different system to work with that looked very complicated made me unsure. But I knew that I was capable of it and it was something that I would be using for the rest of my internship with the help of my supervisor Sarah I would be able to accomplish that goals. The system even had a name “Jack Henry”.
Second was to learn what each person in the branch did to contribute to help the clients that walk in to the branch. Alan Dillman is the Senior Trust Advisor, Brad Hansen the Trust Advisor, Camille the assistant to the Trust Advisors, Melissa Hayes the Business Advisor, and Sarah Richman is the Assistant Branch Manager. I was able to work with each of them in an individual bases and each had projects for me to work on. Trust Advisors work with trusts, estate planning and settlement, guardianships, investment management and retirement plan services. One of the things I got to experience was estate planning and settlement, it is not an easy process to go to but both Brad and Alan do an amazing job, being able to see what they do on a daily basis suc...

... middle of paper ... completely opposite jobs, the important thing is making sure the client is happy and you were a part of that accomplishment. Despite the time limitation I obtained much knowledge of working in the investment and business banking side.
At last this internship gave me new insights and motivation to continue on and pursue my degree in Business Administration. To prepare myself for my future career I can improve several things. I can work on my communication skills so that I am able to present and express myself more confidently. I could perform certain tasks in research better if I have more experience and knowledge in the different products that Baker Boyer Bank offers.
Thank you again, words cannot express the gratitude I have towards you all. I will always remember the warm cinnamon rolls I came in when I first started. And my fresas con crema on my last day.

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