Essay on My Students ' Learning Styles

Essay on My Students ' Learning Styles

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I believe that every student has the ability to learn how to read in one form or another. I must assess all of my students’ learning styles in order to meet their specific needs in the development of reading. I must also provide them with meaningful instruction and with a variety of rich appropriate books. It is crucial that my students are motivated to learn how to read, and I can do this by providing them with that meaningful instruction and by using books that will hold their interests and attention. It is my job to motivate them to learn how to read, so they will then want to read independently when they start to gather those skills.
One of my students may be able to quickly learn how to read written text, while on the other hand one of my students might not have cognitive capability to quickly learn how to do that. If this were the case, I believe that this student should be taught how to read pictures. My student that learns how to read pictures might be perfectly capable of learning and understanding receptive language, but may just have a difficult time reading written text. However, this does not mean that I should not try to teach this student how to read. I can teach this student how to independently read pictures and then move him/her towards learning how to read written text. This student can explain to me what s/he thinks will happen or is happening in the story by reading the pictures. I can then read the text to the student as s/he follows along, which will help increase his/her ability to read written text. According to Giorgis (2015) students “pay attention to the pictures in a story in order to understand the meaning of the story” (pp. 71). If I teach picture reading to my student at an early age then it will h...

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...ral education peers. I can do this by accommodating and modifying the instruction I am presenting to them. One way I can modify the instruction is by delivering to my students in a different way and by giving them different materials to use. Children can and should learn how to read in a variety of different ways and methods. I love how Taffe et al. (2012) stated that “a truly differentiated classroom is one in which learners are understood to be constantly growing and changing as they participate in various literacy activities” (pp. 305). That is just so true! I do not want people to think my kids are not capable of learning literacy simply because of their being in a special education classroom. These kids just learn differently and at a different pace thank other kids. They develop differently in many areas and the development of reading may be one of those areas.

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