My Struggle With Self Confidence Essay

My Struggle With Self Confidence Essay

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This is another core problem I will discuss. As Tzwick and Muncie (1989) contributed that, ‘confidence is the key to success’. “It is something either one has or does not, but can always be accomplished over time”.

My struggle with self-confidence started after I lost my father. It was difficult for me to see another replacing image like the relationship I had with him. I had a very hard time in Nigeria and I lacked self-confidence in affronting new challenges. My first approach or look was to see them as a strong obstacle to overcome. Then, my only reliance was my studies and I had to register with the debate club and drama society. Based on what Hardwick (1990) suggested, that one attracts good stuff in life if he/she is able to cram more confidence in heart, I felt it is necessary to dedicate my time in these activities. These helped to boost my confidence as I started improving gradually until I moved to Italy to meet my husband.

As I moved to Italy, being a non-English speaking country, and having to learn Italian language became a new challenge again as Hoftede (2010, p21) highlighted that language is evidently a learned characteristic not inherent, It seems to draw me back to a closure as to express myself perfectly was proving difficult among the indigenes. Tzwick and Muncie (1989) in their contribution said that others are the “complete opposite, and are scared of being judged or ridiculed by others”. I found myself to belong among this group so I started looking for a solution. I came to realise that I could write well than speak so I had to register with a recitation club and that helped me a lot to grow more confidence on my spoken Italian language.

After some years in Italy, I moved to United Kingdom ...

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All these assignments as I captioned them, motivated me to improve on my area of culture, communication and confidence because I am studying to empower, teach, motivate, and at the same time shaping peoples attitude.

This improvement were possible because I focused on one important basic step for improvement ‘knowing yourself’ with Julia, I learnt how important it is for me to know my learning styles which helped me a lot to comprehend all the improvement I needed to be an HR professional. After I have completed my VAK questionnaire (VAK learning styles), I found out that I belong to the group of auditory in which I need to dictate my thoughts. This has helped me a lot in the sense that reading out makes it easy for me to retain and remember what I want to say at any particular moment unlike before that I forgot easily and it jeopardised my communication skill.

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