My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing Essays

My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing Essays

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College freshman face many challenges and difficulties transitioning from high school to college. For instance, writing composition is one of the challenges I face in college. The final assignment; a portfolio, provides me an opportunity to discover my true strengths and weaknesses of writing college tier essays. Reflecting over my growth in the course objectives, I have been able to acquire the true strengths and weaknesses of my writing. Freshman writing composition assists in revealing my two strengths in critical thinking and personal responsibility in writing essays, but also exposes the two major weaknesses of my communication skills such as grammar and mechanics within my essays.
Freshman composition has helped me develop my critical thinking skills in developing my rhetorical awareness. My strengths are apparent in the use of critical thinking skills within my essays. My writing skills demonstrate an understanding of how to form a clear message to the reader. I make this aware to the reader in my essay “Financial Advisors in Today’s Workplace” by clearly stating the three main topics: specific requirements, daily activities and the advantages and disadvantages of the job (“Financial Advisors …” 1-5). Therefore, I have developed the ability to analyze content, and decide how it relates to each main topic. Critical thinking is becoming one of my strengths because I have an understanding of what kind of information requires one to answer the question directly. Another example is my professor’s instructor analysis asking, “Was the essay fully developed with a minimum of three major points?” and “Were paragraphs developed properly with source references in the later parts of the paragraph?” I received a check mark for accurat...

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...hs and weaknesses. However, with the desire to work hard enough to have only a few minor mistakes, yet instead of two major weaknesses. Improving my communication skills will constantly be a challenge to accomplish because of the depth of grammar and mechanics. The course objectives challenge me to improve my writing to write a flawless paper. In addition, the portfolio gave me an opportunity to understand my strengths and weaknesses in the papers I have written. My writing skills will improve, because continually revising and editing will only improve my papers. Eventually, I hope to develop my weaknesses and possess stronger critical thinking skills, as well as constantly improving my personal responsibility. In short, school, my career, or life will challenge my weaknesses, but I will have to develop them further into strengths with hard work and determination.

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