My Strengths And Weaknesses By Reviewing My Career Skills By Developing My Inner Potential Of Becoming A Fluent Poet

My Strengths And Weaknesses By Reviewing My Career Skills By Developing My Inner Potential Of Becoming A Fluent Poet

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Throughout the year in Pre-AP English Literature I have learned a lot of information on the writing process. Through various writing assignments, I have learned to identify my strengths and weaknesses by reviewing my essays and writing reflections to look back on my improvements and my accomplishments. These perennial writing experiences I have done in class, as well as outside of class, have develop my writing skills tremendously by focusing on the pattern of the CEW structure, along with a clear, precise thesis that helps create a main idea and theme to follow while writing. Although, I feel my writing has gotten better, I feel there are a lot of improvements to be made that can help me reach the next level in my senior English class as well in college. All the activities, seminars, and essays have influenced my writing abilities by developing my inner potential of becoming a fluent, impeccable writer
The first essay I wrote about over my summer reading assignment, Black Boy, was deceit, but some of the main reasons I lost points was the lack of good claims to introduce the evidence of the novel. My evidence was not really that great because I did not have a very good understanding of the book which showed when I provided evidence that did not support my argument within the paper. The overall structure of the essay was a bit off, in terms of organization and correct analytical format. When I first started the class I did not have any knowledge of the correct writing format. My argument was well supported with many details from the summer novel, but I feel they were not very specific enough to reinforce my argument behind the whole theme in the book. My writing would become a lot more stronger as the year went on, especially wh...

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...esses were, I would probably tell them my organization, style, transitioning, and paragraphing seem to be some of the things I struggle with most. As for my strengths, my ability to write and think at a deeper level helps me rapidly learn from my experiences and assert certain approaches to many different types of situations involving reason and insight. Through my growth and experience as a writer, I believe with dedication and eagerness to learn, I can gain more knowledge on the writing process and learn about more life messages in the next AP English course I take. I can take what I have grasped this year in this course and cultivate it by applying my new acquired knowledge on the writing structure and tips on certain weaknesses that can be limited by practice and further advice that will help become successful in any english class I ever take in the near future.

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