My Strategic Leadership Goal And Building Ownership Within Teams Essay

My Strategic Leadership Goal And Building Ownership Within Teams Essay

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My Strategic Leadership Goal
During the SMY year is to build superior capabilities in articulating direction and building ownership within teams that are not directly within my reporting lines.

The achievement of the goal will be evidenced by the successful implementation of the current project (and the subsequent post implementation review) by the end of August 2016. This goal is important because as I progress into more strategic roles I will be required more and more to influence key stakeholders, who are likely to not be within my direct reporting line.
As the project lead on my current project, I was required to be the senior business unit representative for the department. This role required me to leading a number of external consults and internal subject matter experts throughout. As the lead I have to reinforce reasons to change, remove obstacles and drive the implementation of the solution identified, this required me to use the capabilities of articulating direction and building ownership as the business owners would eventually be required to own the change following completion of the project

In one working group meeting with senior stakeholder in the first week of December, I was presenting on how effective the diagnostic systems were in the line of business, during this meeting I made a comment that operational leaders in this business had a lack of understanding of their business drivers due to current constraints on the diagnostic systems, the intent of which was to bring awareness of the issue around inadequate systems and the impact such an issue had, however, the executive manager of the area took expectation to this and felt that we were was trying to make his team look incompetent and unable ...

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... be easy but having an awareness of them allows me to try and overcome this, using my current manager as an advocate and to hold me accountable to them will be of benefit. Asking my manager to check-in regular on these goals will allow me to raise any obstacles that he might be able to remove.

Whilst these approaches will help me progress towards articulating a direction, building trust and building ownership, trust is often based on actions, rather than goodwill (Jarvenpaa & Leidner, 1999) so these actions cannot be a one off and need to be continually maintained and evolved as the year progresses.
Measures of success will include tangible feedback such as 360 degree surveys amongst my peers, as well as direct feedback from my manager in monthly basis and post implementation reviews, which will include survey and an independent review of the project team’s work.

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