My Story From Middle School Essay

My Story From Middle School Essay

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So let’s start my story from middle school. Sixth grade was a little rough, I got made fun of everyday and had to just sit there while some of my “friends” would talk bad about me. They called me things like big foot, man, and nightmare on Elm Street; always because I was different, I’ve been the same height since about third grade, I never wore fitted clothing, and I tried to curl my hair once and was told not to brush it out. We had two main teachers; both saw this happening, talked with me about it but did nothing. I continued to be an A to B student despite everything happening. At home, life was pretty good, or as good as it could get with six people and five animals living in a three bedroom, one level house. My grandparents and parents pushed us to do our very best and celebrated how good we had done. So we always strived for greatness. Although school was rough, family life made it okay and bearable.
In seventh grade, school got harder. Not only the content being learned but something happened at home and it affected my school life a little, even though the teasing stayed about the same. My mom started talking with someone she graduated with, so our families started to hang out together quite a bit. Their eldest daughter, who was fifteen while I was only thirteen at the time, decided to tell her mom and the cops that my step dad touched her butt. The police said we didn’t matter statement or opinion wise, only that family, even though there were about twenty other people there when it supposedly “happened”. But we couldn’t say anything. His lawyer, that was appointed to him, told him he wouldn’t win and to just plee guilty for his families sake. So for us he did, and he was put on the list. We couldn’t do the things we ...

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...o continued to tell us that there is no reason we should be apart anf that we are what you would think a family should be like. But continued to go to court and have to talk to these people. After six months or so we were reunited and lived under the same roof again. After that things started going back to normal but I continued to blame myself for what had/was happening. At this point we were almost done with junior year and I had become a B to C student. After that my grades started to improve. During the end of junior year I started dating again, but this time he knew everything that happened in my past and continues to this day to push me to become a better person and strive for greatness. He was the one to push me to apply to Michigan State University for Veterinary medicine and Wildlife Biology. I was accepted into Michigan State University on Academic Parole.

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