My Statement of Purpose for a Graduate Program at UTCS Essay examples

My Statement of Purpose for a Graduate Program at UTCS Essay examples

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Statement of Purpose
All through my undergraduate studies, I have strived to develop a strong understanding of topics across
the breadth of computer science as I believe an initial holistic approach can prove a solid foundation for
any future pursuits in the field. Now, I would like to delve deeper into those topics that interest me and
carve out a niche for myself in them.
Over the years, I have been particularly interested in Computer Security. It is required in almost every
aspect of systems development and draws heavily on knowledge of the intricate workings of networks,
operating systems and mathematics. It was in my 3rd year of undergraduate studies that I was introduced
to its fundamentals through the course “Number Theory and Cryptography”. Learning about RSA and
zero knowledge protocols introduced me to this whole new way of looking at security. This convinced me
to take up “Computer Security” as an elective in order to develop a deeper understanding of the subject.
Other courses like networks, operating systems, distributed systems etc. furthered my understanding of
the role security plays in all these fields. Later, my experience working in the industry taught me the
different ways a product’s security can be compromised and all the measures and methods that should be
taken while designing the product architecture and while doing the actual coding. I believe through all
this I have acquired an ideal mix of a strong foundation in security as well as practical knowledge, which
will help me bring my own unique angle to solving problems. Pursuing a master’s degree in computer
science at UTCS will allow me to more fully develop my knowledge in these areas and contribute my
own bit to the ongoing research.

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...ests organized in our college.
I believe that all of my theoretical and practical knowledge across the breadth of computer science
provides me with the right skill set to pursue graduate studies; as I not only know how different fields
relate to each other but I can also effectively bring about the intertwining of different fields with security.
This strong foundation and my thirst to learn more is what I bring with me to UTCS.
I would like to conclude by saying, that it is not only the reputed name of UTCS, but it is the range of
research that has happened and is happening at UTCS, which has attracted me to it. I would love the
opportunity to work with the security group and explore the areas together. I thank you for reading my
statement of purpose and would like to end by saying that it indeed would be an honor, and a dream come
true, to be part of UTCS.

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