My Speech On Public Speaking Skills Essay

My Speech On Public Speaking Skills Essay

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My journey as a public speaker over the semester was somewhat challenging. Before I took this class, I believe my public speaking skills was poor. I usually present my speeches reading off the slides which makes it very boring for the audience. I knew that eye contact is very important to maintain during the speech. I know that public speaking skill is a skill that is commonly used in almost all occupations. So, I decided to take this courses, in order to improve my public speaking skills even though I’m not very good at talking in front of a large audience.
At first, I dislike public speaking because I get stage fright standing in front of the whole class. Throughout this semester, I learned the proper format to write the outline of speeches. An outline consists of an introduction, three main ideas, and a conclusion. In the introduction, there must be an opening statement, thesis statement, and preview. I always had a hard time writing the introduction of my speeches. Especially the attention grabber that starts out the whole introduction. The speech should be organized using...

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