My Speech On Public Speaking Class Essay

My Speech On Public Speaking Class Essay

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My public speaking class has already enhanced my knowledge and my ability to give speeches greatly. I know that with time and experience in public speaking, I will become a more skilled and professional public speaker. I will be sharing my first thoughts about my public speaking class, my strengths and weaknesses as a speaker, the speech I am most proud of so far, the speech that was the most difficult so far, and areas I know I need to improve on in order to be a skilled public speaker. Although I have had previous engagements with public speaking in high and middle school, none can be compared to the nervousness I felt about speaking in college level classes.
I am not a student who enjoys standing in front of people and giving speeches. I would much rather sit quietly, soaking in knowledge, as I listen to others speak. So as you can imagine, when I found out I needed to go through another public speaking class, I was very frightened and nervous about how the class would turn out. When I first got to class I felt uncomfortable and alone, however, those feelings went away as I got to know the new people around me. At this point during the semester, I am still nervous to get up and speak in front of others. Fortunately for me, I do feel more comfortable and relaxed because I know my classmates a lot more than I did before. I know in order to become less nervous about giving speeches in my public speaking class, I need to acknowledge and work with my strengths and weaknesses as a speaker.
I know that I have many strengths and weaknesses as a speaker. Some strengths that I use while giving a speech are the use of different pitches, the use of different volumes, the use of different facial expressions, and good posture. Some weakn...

... middle of paper ...

...effort to recognize and reduce the vocal fillers. Now that I have established areas that are definitely in need of improvement, I can become a skilled and professional public speaker.
I know what areas I need to improve to become a skilled and professional public speaker. It is just a manner of overcoming my fears to be able to put myself out there to speak at my fullest potential. I truly enjoy that my public speaking class has already enhanced my knowledge and ability to give great speeches. In this reflection of my public speaking class I shared my thoughts about the class, my strengths and weaknesses as a speaker, my speech I am most proud of, my speech that was the most difficult, and the areas I need to improve on. I know that with more experience and time spent in public speaking, the class will help me become a more skilled and professional public speaker.

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