My Spectrum Of Spinach Absorbance Graph Essay

My Spectrum Of Spinach Absorbance Graph Essay

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In my spectrum of spinach absorbance graph, the greatest peaks were at 435 nm, 465 nm, and a smaller peak at 670 nm. These values correspond to the approximate values of visible light wavelengths as indigo (445 nm), blue (475 nm) and red (650 nm)[3], respectively. This indicates that the spinach extract is the most absorbent of these colours and frequencies. The lowest absorbances were between 500 nm - 630 nm , which covers green (510 nm), yellow (570 nm), and orange (590 nm) light [3]. Green is a color that is reflected, and not absorbed by the spinach and this is indicative of the green colour that it appears as.

The literature value for spinach iron content is listed as 2.71 mg Fe / 100 g spinach [2]. This is quite different from my experimental results, which yielded a value of 0.0682 mg Fe / 100g spinach. The data from my reliable source is not the value that all spinach leaves contain, and is an average. Some will contain more or less, however my value is quite contrasting, and it would lead me to believe that perhaps there was a source of error which created this disparity between values. The one major source of error that I recorded and realized was likely with the our measurements. When we pipetted the various amounts of liquids in the five test tubes, we followed the procedure, eliminated air bubbles, and ensured the equipment was operated in the correct fashion. The same measuring tools were always used, and all materials were ensured to be clean before use. However, I noticed a discrepancy between the levels of liquid in the five test tubes. This suggests there indeed was a mistake made in the pipetting that was not realized, which caused varying amounts of liquid to be placed into each test tube, and likely a major...

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...ks of beta carotene syncing up with those of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b, it can not be certain that there is a presence of this in the spinach. From this, it can be concluded that there is a presence of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and it is not certain if there was beta-carotene in the spinach extract.


I was able to match my graph from my spectrophotometer my literature values [1], to determine the presence of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, but was not able to determine if there was a presence or absence of beta-carotene in my spinach extract. My experiment yielded a value of 0.0682 mg Fe / 100g Spinach, which was not consistent with the value observed in my literature values [2], due to likely sources of error in measurement. I am confident in the spectrometer results, however I do not believe that the iron values of my spinach were accurate.

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