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My Social Theory Course Theory Essay

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I initially decided to double major in sociology because I am a psychology major and thought the two would be similar. While in some regards they can be grouped into a similar category, the material of the two fields can be quite different. Even when they do look at similar topics, each discipline has a different way of looking at the topic.
A recent topic we learned about in my Social Theory course is postmodern social theory. As someone growing up in the postmodern era, I am aware of its influence on thoughts and behaviors. Postmodern social theory’s rejections of absolute truths and the “anything goes” mentality stir up strife within me as a Christian. Those are two statements I cannot agree with. The rejection of of absolute truths allows for each individual to decide what is true and untrue, and this is based on life experience. If another individual has a different standard of truth, then it prompts the response, “that may be true for you but not for me.” While some standards are man-created and are opinions of the way society should run, there are fundamental truths that hold true for everyone. Some of these truths are: one God, murder is wrong, and we are born with original sin. There are more examples, but those are some fundamental beliefs that hold true for all people everywhere. In Sociology of the Family, a point was brought up that even in prison, they understand that violence or sexual acts against a child is undoubtedly wrong. Criminals who commit such crimes are automatically seen as scum amongst the inmates. The fact that this population is aware that there are some acts that cannot be justified and are wrong, points to the innate truths that govern our society- even if all examples are not as black and white ...

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...o help my head be able to understand such movements and issues, but in my heart the injustice still screams out.
Sociology as a whole is an interesting field, that for the most part uses empirical science to collect data and discover trends. However, there are some are some rotten eggs within the field, like post-modern social theory. If this theory continues, it could cause the public to further discredit sociological research- leading to more misguidance and confusion. Sociology does offer good insight into copying mechanisms of stigmatization, which as a Christian these mechanisms help facilitate the best response to marginalization. Sociology also offers insight into how movements, such as the Eugenics movement, can happen. Although, even with sociohistorical insight into the issue, it is still hard to juxtapose what happened with what should have happened.

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