My Social Problem Is Nevada Unemployment Essay

My Social Problem Is Nevada Unemployment Essay

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My social problem is Nevada unemployment. But since, Las Vegas is one of the major cities in Nevada, I’m going to concentrate on the unemployment rates on Las Vegas compared to other metropolitan areas. This is a social problem that is occurring in other cities, but it is more prevalent in Las Vegas than in other cities and I want to know why Las Vegas is one of the places with the highest unemployment rate. This is a sociologically interesting because I want to know why Las Vegas being such a tourist city, is still facing unemployment. This topic is very sociologically interesting because I want to see if there is any patterns that show why one city has higher unemployment rates than others, and I also want to see what other cities are doing to improve their economy that can benefit other cities like Las Vegas.
Las Vegas unemployment rate is one of the highest of all the other states. I located several journals on this topic and I found several journals that talked about the increased unemployment rate in Las Vegas. CNS News mentioned that since 2010 our unemployment rates have be...

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