My Smart Goal : Exercise Skills, Health, And Stress Management Essay example

My Smart Goal : Exercise Skills, Health, And Stress Management Essay example

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My smart goal was exercising to improve my exercise skills, health, and stress management. My goal was not just about doing some activities, but it was the effort I am doing to shape and improve my health, fitness, mental thoughts and behaviors. I observed the outcome of me keeping progress with my goal. As well as, I learned about the supports and obstacles of my life that influenced my exercising goal positively and negatively.
As I started to exercise, I noticed a difference in the way I acted, made decisions and managed school work without being stressed about it. Exercising became to me as an emotional focused coping, “a type of coping in which people try to prevent having an emotional response to a stressor” (Grison, Heatherton, and Gazzaniga 408). One of the main reasons I chose exercising as my smart goal to help me reduce my stress level and to provide me with a healthy body including my thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Exercising helped me to be more energetic and have a better mood, which allowed me to improve my behavior, thoughts, emotions and physical body. The experience and knowledge I gained helped me to think critically and make better decisions by paying more attention to details and things happening around me. Exercising does not only have a positive impact on my mental activities, but also on my physical activities, as it gives me more confidence in communicating and interacting with others. Also, I learned that to achieve my exercising goal, I have to make sure that I am meeting all Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, “an arrangement of needs, in which basic survival needs must met before people can satisfy higher needs” (Grison, Heatherton, and Gazzaniga 310), which includes self-actualization, esteem, belongin...

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...azzaniga 310). Exercising is a desire that I have been long time trying to accomplish, and I am still trying until I actually accomplish it. Throughout my exercising smart goal, I have learned many things about my personality, “the characteristic thoughts, emotional responses, and behaviors that are relatively stable in an individual over time and across circumstances” (Grison, Heatherton, and Gazzaniga 460). I learned some changes that have occurred in my thoughts, emotions and behavior. For example, making changes in my goal plain shows my willing to achieve my goal. My smart goal helped to know another side of personality, in which I like challenging myself and working hard until I get to what I want. I might have been unsuccessful in keeping up with my exercising smart goal, but still I am trying harder not to give up, but to keep trying until achieving my goal.

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