Essay about My Sister For The Parent With Non School Aged Children

Essay about My Sister For The Parent With Non School Aged Children

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I interviewed my sister for the parent with non-school aged children. Her name is Amy Page. Amy and her husband have two boys, ages three and two years old. The three-year-old boy has been diagnosed with autisms, and he attends a special needs school for speech therapy, motor skills, and cognitive development. Amy is a stay at home mom, and her husband owns a gym in the small town of Brown City. Both parents are in their twenties, and they are considered a lower class family. Both parents did not attend college. However, Amy did further her education at a trade school and received a certificate in dental hygiene, but she has not pursued a job in the dental field. Before interviewing Amy, I asked her to base her answers on if and when her son, with autism, goes to a public school. This interview was through email, but she was able to call or text me if she had any questions.

Parent Interview
1.) What roles do you believe the teacher, the parent, and the child play in a child’s education?

A. The teacher 's role is to educate and put the child 's education first. If that means they have to think outside the box or change their ways to meet the child 's needs, then that is what they need to do. Their job it to meet the child where they are at and do their best in maintaining the relationship and helping them learn and grow.

The parent is there to learn and implement things that are being taught while the child is not in school. The parent is the child 's advocate and needs to make sure all things are being taught and implemented as they should be. They are the child 's voice, and they help lead where the child needs to go and help create goals and the best future for their child. While the teacher may be teaching the child, the p...

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...ns he learns differently and is also behind. He requires more than the "normal" education given to neuro-typical children. I want to know how he is doing and where he is at in his education at all times, and I want to be informed if we need to take further steps to help him. It is important because my hopes are for him to catch up to where he needs to be and to flourish as a man one day in the world and to have the best future possible, whatever that may mean for him.
6.) What expectations do you think a school has or will have for you as a parent?
A. I think the school will expect me to be involved in my child 's education. They will expect me to be his voice and to help develop his plan of education along the way. They will want me to let them know his likes and dislikes and give advice so that they can better teach him. They will expect me to further his education

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