My Sister : A Special Than Words Essay

My Sister : A Special Than Words Essay

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A sister is someone who is more special than words. She is love along with ever lasting friendship and a million memories that will be treasured forever. My sister Jackie was this and more. She was a bubbly, smart, outgoing girl who everyone loved to be around. She had a strong passion for everything that she did and influenced many lives along the way. Ever since she was little, she knew exactly where she wanted to attend college, exactly what she was going to study, and the exact impact she wanted to make with her time there. Being so inspired by her aspirations, I wanted to follow right along in her footsteps and dreamed of being the person that she was; however, unfortunately life ended up having a different plan for us.
Growing up only thirteen months apart, my sister and I did everything together from the start. Whether it was my mom dressing us in matching outfits every time we went in public, crying on her lap for hours after my dad dropped us off at pre-school, teaming up on my little brother, or going to dance practice every day after school in High School. No matter how ...

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