My Short Time As An Educator Essay

My Short Time As An Educator Essay

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In my short time as an educator, I have encountered a variety of students that have inspired me to become further involved in the development of the next generation. With the privilege of teaching one student in particular, I fortified my decision to pursue a graduate degree in school counseling. Hector was a student I first met while employed as a substitute teacher at Willow Springs School (WSS). On my first assignment with the 7th grade class, I discovered him as a broken child. He was quiet, teary eyed, nonresponsive, and accompanied by a pair of broken extremities. This child had a number of noticeable physical injuries, though no damage persisted more severe than the emotional trauma that plagued him. Just three months prior, he was in a terrible high-speed, two-car collision in which he lost both parents and nearly his own life. Fortunately, Hector survived, but now had to adapt to life as an orphan. Over the duration of my first few months working at WSS, I witnessed this shattered young boy be emotionally mended with the assistance of excellent educators and a passionate school counselor. The teachers were extremely supportive and the counselor worked with him relentlessly to help him grieve and learn coping skills. After a few grueling months, Hector progressed significantly. The strength this child displayed throughout his recuperation physically and emotionally was astonishing as was the impressive work of the faculty. I was also delighted to play a role in Hector’s recovery. It is for students like him that I decided to prepare for a career as a school counselor and aspire to start my training back at my alma mater Southern Illinois University (SIU).
When I started researching high-quality programs to star...

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...n my coaches, teachers, and school counselors. Their time commitment to me may have appeared small to themselves at the time, but if not for these influential people, I would not be the first person in my family to attend and graduate college. I remain extremely proud of this achievement, however, I am eager to reach an even bigger accomplishment in becoming a licensed school counselor.
In conclusion, I request entrance into the School Counseling program at the Southern Illinois University. This university holds a special place in my heart and my acceptance to this program would allow me to work toward my ultimate objective: to become a school counselor. I feel that I am a quality candidate for this program due to of my passion for working with students, my experience as a teacher and leader, and my desire to return as a distinguished member of the Saluki family.

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